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Most plans require customized service. This can range from project management & consulting all the way to Outsourced Chief Investment Officer services. 


Are you following your fiduciary duty for your pension plan? A few bad habits have developed over the past few decades and governance should not be an oversight.


With 20 years in finance and 8 years of pension consulting work, I am well situated to give you insights into how modern institutions set their Strategic Asset Mix to deal with the current low interest rate environment

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Conferences and workshops are on-going throughout the industry and a focused approach to this material is required if true changes are to be made

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The Bank of Canada been quiet on the rate front compared to the Fed. The Governs of the Fed meet in December and decreased the short-term rate for a third time in 2019. What surprises will 2020 hold for investors? Stay tuned.

Still unconvinced about the impact of rising interest rates

The majority of Canadians have variable rate mortgages and Lines of Credit. Take a moment to review your monthly payments on your mortgage or LOC to see the impact on your finances. Most bonds are inversely impacted by rates rising.

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The period from the great financial crash to 2019 saw interest rates drop to a generational low. This long term trend has  been broken. Most likely we are in a period like late 1950's and 1960's where making money in Bonds was extremely difficult. A much different approach is required in your fixed income investments to achieve your stated goals.



The bottoming of interest rates from 2016-2019 has recently started to cause problems for institutional fix income investors. The CPP, OTP and Caisse, some of the worlds largest and most respected pension plans shave made significant asset mix changes over the past 4 years to address with this problem. Get a head of the curve and start making adjustments now before you find yourself on the wrong side of your investment goals. 

Why should you modernize your plan?


Many pension plans in Canada were established in the 1980's & 90's and have grown substantially. Despite this growth, they have made very few changes to their asset mix or investment strategy. Multi-decade trends have changed over the past few years. Fixed Income yields below 2% do very little to help your achieve the returns necessary to pay your beneficiaries. What are your options in this lower for longer environment? Contact us and we will work with you to find a comfortable alternative.